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Reasons to Get a New Car Before This Year Ends

So... I figured I want to get a new car before this great year ends. The last couple of years has been a lot for me in terms of road trips from driving back and forth from LA to Vegas, and I think I've saved enough to be ready to ditch my 10-year-old Ford Fiesta.

I know I'm not alone and many of you have the same thoughts as me. So here's what I think the reasons why you should ditch your car now and consider starting the New Year right with a new ride.

It's becoming too unreliable
Too many times this has already happened to me-- my car would just stop in the middle of the road, and there I was, sweating and hoping I was driving with at least one friend who'd start the engine for me while I push the poor car with all my might.

It's all rusty you thought it came from the attic
Okay, well, that might be impossible unless your attic is as strong as Superman. But seriously, if your car is already being eaten by rust that even an auto repair & painting can't …

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