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Should You Break up on or Before Valentine's Day?

After Christmas comes Valentine's Day. Sure, everyone is expected to be all romantic, and mushy in preparation for this amorous day. But who says it's only meant for lovey-dovey couples all over the world?

All About Love

Whether it is romantic love towards your significant other or simply self-love, Valentine's Day is all about this powerful word called, "love" and remains fixated on romance all throughout the years. This tradition started even before the Fifth Century and was once called, "Feast of Saint Valentine." Fast forward to the present, and it became an abundance of chocolates, cards, and fancy dinners among couples. It can even mean weddings! I admit I'm also one of those guys who are focused on buying my significant other flowers and chocolates and taking her out to the most expensive restaurant. But if your relationship is on the rocks, should you keep going or just break it up before this hyped-up day? Here are my thoughts:

1. Be hones…

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